Spiritual Intuitive Consultations

There’s something inside us that already knows to follow our gut instinct, but at times, it can feel elusive. My role as a highly skilled and experience intuitive is to help you access that inner magic and support you in excavating it for richer life experiences. Intuitive consultations are unique, powerful explorations and can include:

  • Life purpose review and gifts/talents to be developed
  • Improved insight and clarity for decision making
  • Guidance for prosperity in major life areas including life/career satisfaction, relationships, health and finances
  • Alerts to emotional energy blocks that need to be cleared through guidance.
  • Insight into spiritual, intuitive or psychic experiences
  • Messages from loved ones as a natural born medium , Spirit will guide you on your path in these sessions.
  • Your relationship with Self, spirituality, others, habits, archetypes
  • Indications of where you are on your Journey and the necessary steps to move forward.
  • Relaying of messages from loved ones.
  • Messages of Evidence from the afterlife
  • Healing to the heart
  • Providing Comfort
  • Energy connections to spirit to the client
  • Rose cannot guarantee a specific spirit will come through in any session , come with an open mind and who knows who may have a message for you.
  • Rose covers all aspects of your life’s current path

* Please note all sessions (Phone / Skype / In Person ) need to be booked prior to consultation time.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a reading you are stating that you are over 18 years of age. For legal reasons you are advised that due to the differing opinions regarding psychic ability, all services are offered for entertainment purposes only. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. My readings are not to be viewed as a sole substitute for professional services, for matters requiring these services you are advised to seek information from the relevant qualified expert. Payment is for time served on service , and all readings are non-refundable. Please note all online sessions will need to be paid for before appointment time and any cancellations will not be refunded for. You will also need to be available at the appointment as any no shows or late shows will not be refunded.

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