Phewie , time to step up ! You may have felt the past while people have dragged you down , or you may have felt extra sensitive to external drama, this coming month is all about clear boundaries, not settling for anything less, the universe is testing you ! Lucky Day 15th


Long awaited news coming in this month which will surprise you in more ways than one. It is a perfect time to get things in order to reset and be ready things are about to get quite busy for you , the bags may be getting packed ! Lucky Day 17th


Who says Christmas is over ?! The celebrations continue , good news and glory comes in from all angles and it's a perfect time to kick start the new year, trust that this journey is the best yet, the angels applaud you. Lucky Day 11th


This month is all about balance, you may feel like rushing into things to be done with them but there is a need to look at things from a more clearer point of view, slow and steady and think of everything , the results will be magical ! Lucky Day 12th


A quieter month of reflection ,and random connections coming in, news by phone or letter will have you in 2 minds as to whats important in your life, a time of self care and nurturing what is most important to you. Gratitude is key, Lucky Day 10th


You may feel like running to the mountains to get grounded and yes you need to listen to your gut instinct energy may be scattered and you may be saying yes to all the wrong things a need to declutter and ground yourself before you commit to anything you may regret, Lucky Day 9th


New beginnings here , and this may be home renovations, new car , whatever it may be you are setting off in the right direction, a good way to be clear in your goals and intentions and plenty to be grateful for, remember have fun ! Lucky Day 21st


Communication this month is your strongest point and you will be surprised as to how well people see things from your point of view, harsh past situations are no longer holding you back , go you ! Lucky Day 13th


It's time to get busy living ! A need to start setting social dates and get togethers as this month well discussed plans will bring in good results for you , happier times to kick and health improvements, an interesting start to the new year, Lucky Day 5th


It's been a tough few weeks and you may feel completely withered under the pressure, now is the time to take a step back and just take things one day at a time, a move may be on the cards and will be discussed a new location proves to be quite interesting ,Lucky Day 1st


It's time for action ! Ready set go ! You got this , there's no stopping you this month and you will be surprised with the momentum of good energy, a fun business or work opportunity will bring rewards but fly solo ! Lucky Day 19th


Well it's been one journey and this month you may be hungry for major change. This may not be the answer to your problems there may be a need to sit and plan how to focus on where you are at the moment rather than the other side of the fence, everything that glistens may not be golden Lucky Day 28th

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