You’ve gotta focus on what brings you in a state of joy and blissfulness. Your lesson this month? Learning to hold space for the people you love without making their drama your own. The important thing to ask yourself at this time is: how can my work evolve with me?


This month, you’re getting real with yourself, Taurus. You’re getting real about where you are, where you want to go, and what’s standing in your way. Perfect time to just GO , do your thing and don't hold back !


But, you didn’t come here to live a mediocre life, baby! You came here to shine, to co-create your most glorious life! So, step into the spotlight and share your sacred gifts with the world! A fun month, plan that getaway as things are about to get super busy!


You know that what is yours will never elude you and that what isn’t working out was never meant to be yours. So, you’re giving thanks for it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, as you show up for love and for life with a brave and open heart. It's time to be your own leader and dont settle for less!


This month is likely to bring major revelations about what is *not* in alignment. Allow the old structures to crumble, if they need to. Stepping into a new timeline will not be easy. Trust that you are prepared for the changes that lie ahead.


Your guidance this month is to adopt ‘cautious optimism’ as your mantra and show up for all of life’s deliciousness with a brave and open heart. There will be no space for regrets in your story when you let your decisions be guided by love.


“I’ve done my best and I trust the universe to deliver what’s best for me in divine time.” This month is all about good connections and trusting , Pleasant surprises are on the way !


This month, you’re revising your manifestation journal and updating your vision board. You have that big goals energy about you, Scorpio, and you won’t stop until you’ve made your way to the top. The good news? You have the support of your spirit guides you got this !


If you don’t know where you’re going, that’s okay too. Sit down with the questions, with the uncertainty, and allow the guidance you are seeking to reveal itself to you. Just a reminder: you deserve the moon and the stars. Stop lowering your standards.


You’re blessed in more ways than you can imagine and in more ways than you can count. So, focus on what’s working out for you, Something tells us, being in the energy of gratitude will make the good stuff multiply by ten! February 2024 promises to be all kinds of magical!


When it comes to your creative explorations, give yourself the permission to ditch the dated script and step boldly into the wilderness. The current cosmic collaboration is supporting you to come together with your tribe, weave magic into your life and plant the seeds !


Learning to trust your instinct will prove to be a game-changer and enable you to find the stability you’ve been working towards in a consistent manner. Family is important , and the coming few weeks , expect challenges but nothing you can't handle

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