There's a busy energy about the place, and you are certainly feeling it ! You may feel flightly and slightly anxious at the moment, your angels and guides want you to slow down and remain grounded , it's a month of reflection ! Lucky Day 15th


There's surprises in store for you , all you need to do is look in the right places, your focus may be slightly off and there is a need for you to view things from a different angle, appreciate where you are and what you have and the universe will reward you in the most surprising ways ! Lucky Day 10th


Your hard work has paid off ! Now is the time to celebrate your acheivements in all it's glory ! This is a month of good news and celebrations, it's time to embrace the simple things and enjoy the company, pleasant rewards surface for you in unusual ways , enjoy ! Lucky Day 23rd


This month is all about trying something new for yourself, you may have been feeling quite burnt out or tired of the same routine , there is a need to bring a bit of fun back into your life and spice things up, have fun and let the hair down, life is too short ! Lucky Day 13th


This month is about putting in the hard work and trusting that it will pay off , you may be hesitant about new opportunities and what people are offering but once you place the trust in the new beginnings , anything is possible , enjoy ! Lucky day 11th


It's time to get creative ! Perfect month for studies / new projects . Time management is key here for you , and routine will work wonders, busy times ahead but trust that it will pay off long term for you , thinking of a promotion, go for it ! Lucky Day 24th


Time to move on ! This is the perfect time to close the door on the past and allow yourself to move forward with only the best people and situations you deserve in your life, you won't regret it . An overwhelming month but full of magic once you trust yourself. Lucky Day 18th


Clean out the wardrobe you're ready to rock and roll ! There's no stopping you now, your confidence is up and it's the perfect time to socialise and catch up with friends/family, Fun events will lead to better times ahead, love and romance takes a turn for the better, Lucky Day 12th


It's a month of new investments and purchases and things will start to flow more smoothly for you , things are slotting into place lovely for you , and big changes around the home front will surprise you, life is flowing and now is the time to make those dreams happen ! Lucky Day 20th


Be mindful of health issues this month , your body is giving you signs that you are either taking on too much or not moving forward in your own life, any aches / pains issues is a reminder that things are off balance for you and there is a need to dig dip and heal the inner self. Lucky Day 15th


Busy times on the road, there may be travels or trips in store for you , and this may cause slight concern for you however there is a need to trust that everything happens for a reason, All the dots will connect follow your heart and where the road takes you ! Lucky Day 25th


Things may be quite rocky this month when it comes to relationships/friendships and there may be a need for you to establish what and who is important in your life, you may have been attracting the wrong energies into your life. A Quiet month of deep reflection. Lucky Day 29th

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