The past while has brought challenges, the good news is that the storm has passed. This month the wheel turns in your favour, a pleasant month full of suprises in work and romance. Lucky Day 5th


A month of clariy and setting your goals in place. Random opportunities comes in and they may appear too good to be true, but try not to dismiss them too much. A good month of self development and a move may be on the cards ! Lucky Day 7th


Time to rock and roll, good karma after a long journey , and celebrations are well underway ! Great month of social events and friends turn up when you need them the most. Surprises are in store where you would least expect them to be . Lucky Day 19th


Work opportunities surface here and the universe is pushing you and testing you. Patience is key and trust in the timing. A job offer comes in just the nick of time, Brighter days are coming, Lucky Day 23rd


New location is here this month and it may be a trip or vacation but it brings huge blessings for you, long overdue break and a time out, and you won't return the same person, huge transformation this month and you will surprise yourself, Lucky Day 20th


Time for fun and frolics, you may have been too serious the past while and life has thrown curveballs but its time to let the hair down , this month is all about communication and people will surpise you most especially people from the past, Lucky Day 11th


Additions to the family , and new faces brings joy and happiness, a good month of family unity and you will be very welcomed where you least expect it, Happier times this month and the angels have your back, Lucky Day 12th


Studying and new ventures are strong this month and you will surprise yourself when you put in the work, success is here for you but you need to hang in there abit longer, almost at your break through , don't give up ! Lucky Day 13th


You may need to start saying No more often this month you will be put to the test and there is a need to reset and establish who is important in your life, a month of reflection is here, a need to declutter to make room for the new ! Lucky Day 17th


Time to move on ! You may be visiting your past too much and this is preventing you from living the life you deserve, it's time to focus your energy on the new, and rebuild your foundation. Be mindful of small minded connections , they're dragging you down, Lucky Day 14th ,


Good News comes at the right time, and this brings hope and faith, great month full of health improvements , Excitement builds making plans , house renovations , having fun etc, Projects are well underway, Lucky Day 24th


Oh dear , your mouthing off may have gotten you into trouble ! Slight conflict and confrontations coming about and you may need to take a seat back on this one, Karma is in force , steer clear of the drama and don't get involved, you don't know the full story. Lucky Day 13th !

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