There's a certain magical energy floating around the place, and it's the perfect time for you to place energy into new goals/ambitions. There are new beginnings lurching and you may be fearful of change, but it's necessary change for you, trust the process ! Lucky Day 15th


Romance blossoms this month , and you'll be surprised as to how much fun is in store for you , once you have more faith that you deserve the best ! Fun opportunities lingering this month , don't miss out ! Lucky Day 10th


This month is all about balance and long term plans being made, trust that you have gotten through the storm now is the time to make bigger goals for you and yours. Your angels will support you along the way, have more belief in yourself ! Lucky Day 16th


Well August brings in busy energy , and you may be feeling anxious at this time. This month is bringing about completion, paperwork and loose ties are all being sown up. A sense of relief towards the end of the month and you'll be glad of your decisions. Lucky Day 13th


Have you thought about upskilling or studying ? New projects are lingering and now is the time to kickstart everything. A new chapter awaits of learning and training , you can trust that the hard work will pay off ! Lucky Day 27th


This month brings in slight frustrations, nothing you can't handle, healthy boundaries will need to be in place this month as people may test your limits. Trust your gut instinct and you can't go too far wrong. Pleasant endings bringing a new chapter for you. Lucky Day 9th


A month of self care ! You've been giving a whole lot of time and energy to others and now is the time to start focusing on yourself. You will attract in the best in your life, but first it starts with you. Excitement around new investments this month, Go You ! Lucky Day 16th


August rolls in the money ! There are improvements this month and pleasant surprises in store for you, big changes and the universe certainly has your back, blessings coming in from every corner , and quite a prosperous time ahead ! Lucky Day 21st


Friendships and romance are important this month you may have been feeling abit of dissappointment the past while however this was a "preparation time" now is the perfect time to make amends , reach out and everything slots into place perfectly, Lucky Day 14th


Fun times, the stagnant energy has lifted and your bounce is back, travels are important for you , and a much needed break brings in more healing for you than you realise. It won't be long before you'll be setting off again, Life is to be lived , enjoy ! Lucky Day 28th


August is bringing in peace of mind, a month of simply going with the flow. Big changes towards the end of the month connected with work opportunities that will make you question your worth, aim higher ! You can do it ! Lucky Day 25th


Everything seems to be under question this month , most especially communication with yourself and others, you may be feeling that others are not on the same page as you , and that's ok, everyone is unique , this month is all about your transition, go with it ! Lucky Day 7th

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