Slide Are you in life transition or considering making changes in your life? Slide Do you have important personal goals that you’ve been putting off? Slide Do you want to create a work-life balance? Slide Off balance and need the guidance and direction for the life you deserve? Slide Are you looking for guidance to manifest the true success you desire? Slide Then you have come to the right place ! Release of next private readings June 1st Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Psychic Medium

Since childhood, I’ve known I possess the strength and courage to navigate life’s challenges. The Universe, with its occasional strangeness, has guided me through an inner magic of connection with Spirit and heightened intuition, shaping the person I am today. My lifelong fascination with the afterlife and psychic abilities has allowed me to cultivate a unique ability to connect with Spirit and intuitively navigate various aspects of life, including family dynamics, work situations, finances, and personal matters.

My journey into the realm of Psychic Mediumship began during a session with a gifted practitioner. Despite grappling with fears of failure, being wrong, and the overwhelming fear of success, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in psychic and self-development. Embarking on a global journey, I started reading for the public in cities like New York, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. As I travelled from venue to venue, my abilities and confidence flourished. From Buffalo to coast-to-coast locations, I connected with individuals in cafes, bookstores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, and beyond. It’s a natural process when you love what you do, and I truly believe this is my calling – connecting with the souls of individuals, whether here or in the spirit world, is a genuine blessing.

My childhood was marked by traumatic experiences, anxiety, and depression. These challenges equipped me with the empathy and understanding needed to provide non-judgmental services. As a strong advocate for positive mindset, manifestation, and empowering both men and women, my work encompasses a broader spectrum than perceived. Derived from my own healing journey, I possess a wealth of knowledge to assist others. A natural people person and avid communicator, I establish a foundation of trust with all clients.

It would be an honor to connect with your loved ones, utilizing my abilities to guide you towards the fulfilling life you truly deserve. You deserve it! With warmth, Rose.

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