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  1. Rose does an email reading for me every new year and it’s fabulous to look back on. I read it several times during the year and enjoy every read. Rose is highly intuitive, empathetic, funny and nice! I can highly recommend Rose for a one to one reading, either by phone, Skype or email. Anne Bevan (Singleton) Medium & Writer


  2. Elizabeth Poitras says:

    Rose read for me and several of my friends over the last year and I could not recommend her more highly! ! Straightforward, clear, and spot on!! No “pumping” for information and nothing vague or confusing . Her honesty and clarity and terrific sense of humor was so refreshing and reassuring. In a field where one has to be careful and very aware of who they are dealing with it was a blessing to find someone so gifted AND ethical. If you have the chance I strongly suguest that you go and see Rose. You will not regret it. Can’t wait for her to come back and visit us in Vancouver again some day!
    Elizabeth Poitras
    Vancouver Canada


  3. Jackie Nolan says:

    Thank you Rose for your reading today so informative and the ease of tension and stress I feel after the reading is just a new lease of life, Highly recommended


  4. Roberta Bavis says:

    I first met Rose at a Group Reading where I went more for fun than expecting too much. I was amazed at what she told me. Some of the things she could not possibly have known before hand and she even gave me names. A few of the messages brought tears, others smiles of remembrance. She even had a comment on something that was happening that I didn’t know of until a later date. I was very impressed with Rose and if she should return to Canada, I will be the first one to book a reading.


  5. madelineod1 says:

    Note – I am not a person that comments on everything I read, and only write reviews if very impressed……
    I met Rose last year for a reading (later attending a show). I went in without any expectations as I had been to few other readers in the past and most were only mediocre, if even that! Firstly, Rose’s down-to-earth, friendly manner put me at ease right away while her nonsense talk made me pay attention to what she was saying. Her intuitiveness and insight into certain aspects of my life amazed me. She mentioned things that only I could have known and stressed on future events. Most of what Rose had told me at the time has already happened now, so this leaves me extremely impressed with her psychic abilities. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her for an awesome private reading, or for attending one of her entertaining evening of Clairvoyance.


  6. Breda says:

    I went to Rose with my sister on an recommendation. I could not believe things Rose told me, that she could possibly have known. The visit and connection was comforting, reassuring and certainly made us feel happier. Would happily recommend Rose cx


  7. Breda says:

    I visited Rose recently and found the visit to be so comforting and definitely Rose came out with information that she could not have possibly known. I had been recommended to go to Rose and I was not disappointed. Memories came flooding back, tears and laughter. I would highly recommend Rose.


  8. Maureen Foley-Bolling says:

    Just had my followup skype session with Rose…she verified questions I had from email reading. She validated many questions that I had. Very good reading. You will not be disappointed! I did have technical difficulties with the skype issue but was still able to reach Rose. All is well. Blessings Rose.


  9. I met Rose 3 years ago at a group reading event that was posted on a local event site. I brought my intuitive/medium friend, and we were equally impressed with her talents & gift . Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated of the “gift of mediumship”; so I have seen, known , and met many people with the art. Rose is world class.
    I am a singer songwriter and often feel mediumship is also a art; where you receive these sounds and feelings, from who knows where…but how you convey ~ is truly another gift. Rose has a gift to connect with your protectors and loved ones in spirit – no doubt, but she also is able to convey the intention off the message clearly. Moreover, Rose will ask you “what are you wanting to hear?” at some point (she always touches my inquiry’s in my readings .. and then I am totally lost for words trying to come up with any remaining questions -ha!)
    If you are looking for a connection with your loved ones, need clarification on something, or want a reading for fun; I highly recommend Rose.
    Angela Pagliero, Calgary AB Canada


    • Jeanette Fitzpatrick says:

      Rose has the most amazing gift she is heaven sent an earth angel who heals with her words , she is empathetic ,genuine and very professional, she has healed my friend and answered a question that he needed to hear the answer from for years , I can’t say enough good about rose, all of my friends that seen rose on the same day as I did were unbelievably impressed , we all lead different lives and rose knew all our lives inside out, making her very special as she is a true intuitive healer as if you ask me , words are powerful and healing and rose is definetly both, I don’t plan on going to anyone else as she is genuinely a direct line from above . Thank you rose from the bottom of my heart


  10. Susanne Crowley says:

    I got in touch with Rose after a recommendation from another widow.I was nervous as I had never done anything like it before but Rose was lovely and put me at ease straight away.She explained what would happen and asked if I had any questions.She was amazing and told me things no one else could have know .I felt so much peace and relief after her reading and she inspired me to go back to work as said it would help and she was right.
    I can’t recommend her enough!!


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