From childhood I knew I had the strength and courage to get through whatever life threw at me . The Universe can be very strange at times , yet the inner magic of connection with Spirit and being highly intuitive has led me to where I am today . I have always been fascinated by the afterlife and psychic abilities. I have had the ability to connect with Spirit and I have always been intuitive and had that gut feeling when it came to family , work situations , financial and personal , you name it.

Guided to a Psychic Medium through a session myself , this new chapter began for me. Despite fear of failure, fear of being wrong and fear of success all at the same time.. I threw myself into psychic and self development, , and started reading for the public worldwide straight away.

On foot from venue to venue in New York , Calgary , Edmonton and Vancouver ,both my ability and confidence grew. My first group audience show was held in Buffalo , New York, and from coast to coast , I read and connected for people in cafes , bookstores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, etc the list is endless ! It comes natural when you love what you do , I believe this is my calling, connecting with the soul of a person here or in the spirit world is a true blessing.

From a childhood of traumatic experiences and having suffered from anxiety and depression in childhood and teenage years as a result, my personal experiences in life provide me with the skill to provide non judgemental services and the skill to comprehend and associate with others. I am a big campaigner of positive mindset, manifesting, empowering men and women, and initiating healing so there is a variance of what I actually do vs what people perceive my work to be. From my own healing journey, I have an abundance of knowledge to help others, I’m a people person, always have been, and a big talker! I build a foundation of trust with all clients.

I would be honored to connect with your loved ones and use my abilities to guide you to live the best life you deserve, you deserve it ! , Rose

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