About Me !




Hey Guys,

Thanks for popping by. Coming from an unusal childhood , I totally get that life can be frustrating and challenging !

From childhood I knew I had the strength and courage to get through whatever life threw at me .  The Universe can be very strange at times , yet the inner magic of connection with Spirit and being highly intuitive has led me to where I am today . I have worked through many different jobs however was never truly happy and one day found myself at the famous crossroads , I decided there had to be more to life and I needed to branch out to make it happen !

I have had the ability to connect with Spirit and I have always been intuitive and had that gut feeling  when it came to family , work situations , financial and personal , you name it. So with the decision I decided to branch out to further develop my abilities , I began with psychic devolopment and mediumship development and through experiences and travels I have gained so much more and am still continuously evolving and learning.

I have studied and became a fully qualified life coach and am determined to help others to gain and manifest the life they truly deserve , having suffered from anxiety and depression throughout childhood and teenage years , my personal experiences in life provide me with the skill to provide non judgemental services and the skill to comprehend and associate with others.

I have travelled throughout Canada , England , America & Ireland and have plans for Australia ,America, Canada & The Netherlands to come watch this space !

Yes life can be a pain in the ass and can knock you down but the truth in the matter is that you need to hit back just as hard and strive forward, it’s well worth it , Rose.